Vocabulary Words Week of August 21-25; Test Friday, August 25

compare-find how two or more things are alike

inference-a conclusion based on author's information in the text and prior or background knowledge

genre- the type of text or particular kind of writing (realistic fiction, biography, informational)

contrast-find how to or more things are different

declarative sentence-tells something and ends with a period

interrogative sentence-asks something and ends with a question mark

imperative sentence-gives an order and ends with a period

exclamatory sentence-expresses strong feeling and ends with an exclamation point

conjunctions-a word or phrase that connects words, phrases or clauses (and, but, so, or, etc.)

simple sentence-a sentence containing one subject and one main very (I like to read mystery books).

root word-the part of the word that caries the meaning (bottomless, bottom is the root word)

concept-a general idea

distinguish-to recognize differences

reflection-thinking that involves noting details, considering meaning, examining what went well, etc.

firsthand-information coming from personal observation