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If you ever need to get in contact with me, here are the easiest and quickest ways to do so:

  1. Class Dojo: An instant messaging option is available and allows me to respond instantaneously, when I'm not teaching, of course!
  2. E-mail: I can respond to E-mail on my planning and before/after school.
  3. Telephone: You can also call the school and leave a voicemail. (270) 352-5828 
  4. Parent Notes: Another way of getting in contact with me is to send notes in your student's agenda and/or on regular paper. I will try to respond on the same day the note is written.

***Please remember: If you ever have a transportation change, you will need to send notification with your child and have him/her deliver it to me that morning. We simply want to ensure each child's safety and your communication helps. Thank you!

Hello all! Welcome to 3rd grade at Woodland Elementary. I'm blessed to have you in my class and I am looking forward to a fun-filled year!

To begin, I'd love for you to know a little about me, outside of being Ms. Richardson, so here goes! I'm a mother of two children. Blaire is 9 and Liam is 4. They LIGHT UP my whole life! All I do is for them. I also have a cat named Kitty (LOL!) and a dog named Isabel, but we call her Izzy.

Secondly, I love music and all things artsy. I'm also a big NFL football fan...GO SAINTS! I enjoy going to see live music in my spare time, but I also love laid back activities like shopping, watching movies, and just spending quality time with my kids. 

Last but not least, I'd like to share with you my personal mission statement as a teacher. I feel it encompasses how I truly feel about my profession: 

As a teacher, I want to ignite a passion for learning and self-confidence. I want to guide my students on a path of self discovery, discovering their successes as leaders and learners.

I want to motivate my students to embrace the differences that make each of us unique, which contributes to being in a wonderfully diverse learning atmosphere.

I want to brighten each student’s day just by being myself, sharing what I know and proving to them that happiness from within is essential.

I feel that I’m meant to serve as my student’s “lighthouse,” their guiding light on the path to leadership and living the seven habits.

Through being the best teacher I can be and living the seven habits to the best of my ability, I feel I’ll be able to fulfill my personal mission.

As I stated above, I am eagerly looking forward to a fun-filled year! Let's set our expectations high and achieve success. We can do it!