Parent excuses may be emailed to the attendance clerk, Margaret Waldeck, with the 5 day period.

East Hardin awards attendance points to final nine weeks grades based on the following allocation:

0 Days missed = 3 Points / 1 Day missed = 2 Points / 2 Days Missed = 1 Point / More than 2 Days missed = 0 Points


ATTENDANCE: KRS 159.010 states that the parent or guardian is responsible for keeping his/her child in regular school         attendance.

TRUANCY: KRS 159.150 states that “any child who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) or more consecutive days, or tardy to school on three (3) or more consecutive days is truant.  Any child who has been reported as a truant three (3) or more times is a habitual truant.”  Being absent for less than half a school day shall be regarded as tardy.

In view of the KRS 159.010 and KRS 159.150 requirements, the Hardin County Board of Education has approved the following attendance policies:

1.  STATEMENT OF POLICY (6th, 7th and 8th grade)

     In order to be eligible for promotion a student shall not be absent without a valid excuse for more than 14 days each school year while maintaining a passing grade.  Any additional invalid absence(s) may be made up at a rate of one (1) day of Saturday School make up for each day of class missed.  It shall be the student’s responsibility to schedule make-up time with the school administration.  Make up time should be scheduled 2 days prior to the Saturday on which they wish to attend.


a.  The classroom teacher will keep an accurate daily attendance record for each of their classroom assignments.  The classroom teacher shall record all absences daily.  All reports concerning attendance will be completed and forwarded to the proper persons as indicated and required by the attendance policy and the administering procedures.

b.  When a student has been absent ten (10) days, notification will be sent to the parent/guardian.  It will be the parent’s/guardian’s and student’s responsibility to monitor additional absence(s).

c.  Should a student need make-up time to complete a year’s attendance requirement, the school administration will schedule a maximum of ten (10) additional days make-up time.  This make-up time must be completed within two (2) weeks from the end of the regular school term.

d.  Any student who has exceeded seven (7) invalid absences will have his/her school privileges (i.e., extracurricular activities, field trips, etc.) suspended for the remainder of that semester.

e.  Middle school students who fail to comply with the attendance policy will be denied promotion.  The school administration will schedule a conference with the parent/guardian of any student not complying with the attendance policy.


SEMESTER: That period of the adopted school calendar determined on an annual basis by the Hardin County Board of Education.  This amount of time is generally one half of the school year but the ending date may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

VALID EXCUSES:  A.  Illness that is verified by a doctor or medical agency,

                             B.  Orders of the court.  This applies to summonses and subpoenas,

                             C.  Death or severe illness in the immediate family verified by a written statement. Immediate family shall mean:  father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, blood-related aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or anyone living under the same roof as the                                 student            

                             D.  School activities or circumstances if approved by the principal or his  designee, and,  

                             E.  The principal/designee shall determine the validity of each excuse presented.

F.  EXCUSES MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE MAIN OFFICE NO MORE THAN 5 DAYS AFTER RETURNING TO SCHOOL FROM THE ABSENCE.  (Parent excuses can be emailed to the Attendance Clerk, Margaret Waldeck,  within the 5 days.


*A student will be allowed up to 4 EXCUSED tardies and still remain on the perfect attendance list for the year.


·        Beginning with the 2006-2007 school year, attendance for all students in the state is calculated based on the actual percentage of time the student is absent from school.

·        A student will be considered tardy if they miss up to 60 minutes of the day by arriving late, leaving early, or a combination of the two.  If a student misses more than 60 minutes of the school day, then the entire amount of time will be counted as absent and recorded as a percentage missed of the day. Reports will show a “T” for tardy if it falls within the 60 minutes or as a percentage of the day missed.

·        The Truancy Statutes have not changed, classifying six (6) unexcused absences as habitually truant. For Hardin County School’s purpose of calculating habitual truancy, we will use a cumulative figure. For example, missing 30% of one day unexcused and 70% of another day unexcused, would equal one (1) full day unexcused absence.

·        A student will be excused for one day for the military deployment of a parent/guardian and one day when a parent/guardian returns from military deployment.

A maximum of six (6) parent notes may be submitted as an excuse for student absences.  Notes from Doctors, Lawyers and Funeral Homes will also still be accepted as excuses for student absences.