Week of October 13 through October 16


Tuesday:  Read page 164-176


Wednesday:  Went around the room reading.  Students read pages 176-194.


Thursday:  Students participated in our MIRP program. This program allows students to read material of their choice.


Friday:  Team activity in gym.  No homework.


Week of October 19 through October 23


Monday:  Students did their MIRP activity and then wrote in their response logs about the book they are reading.


Tuesday:  Read the book “Tangerine”.  Students had to unfamiliar words down that began with  a P/L/S/F.


Wednesday:  MIRP activity


Thursday:  Read the book “Tangerine”


Friday:  Taking up MIRP writing logs today.  Reading from “Extreme Explorer” magazine.


Week of October 26 through October 30


Monday:  Students did their MIRP activity.  This will be the only day this week for them to MIRP.


Tuesday:  Finished reading our book “Tangerine”


Wednesday:  Questions over the book “Tangerine”.  Students are permitted to use the book to locate the correct answers.  Watching the “Red Ribbon Video”


November 3 through November 6


Monday:  no school


Tuesday:  MIRP, write a paragraph or two about the book you are reading.


Wednesday:  Discuss the book Tangerine.  Students had to change the ending to the book.


Thursday:  Reading “Raymond’s Run” out of 8th grade Literature book.  Having class discussion as we go.


Friday:  Reading “Raymond’s Run”.  Had class discussion.


November 9 through November 13


Monday:  MIRP, Finish reading Raymond’s Run with partner of their choice.


Tuesday:  Quiz over “Raymond’s Run”.  Talked about transition for their blue binders for high school.


Wednesday:  Veterans Video in honor of “Veterans Day”


Thursday:  MIRP


Friday:  Started reading the abridged version of the “Time Machine”.  Students read a small section and then answer questions.


November 16 through November 20


Monday:  Reading the “Time Machine”  and answering questions.


Tuesday:  Continue working on the “Time Machine”


Wednesday:  Continue to work on the “Time Machine”


Thursday:  MIRP


Friday:  Finish up the “Time Machine”


November 23 through November 27


Monday:  MIRP


Tuesday:  Redo assignments and work on science reading comprehension questions.


November 30 through December 4


Monday:  SRA reading (Brown).  Students must score an 80% to move to the next card.


Tuesday:  SRA reading (Brown).  Students must score an 80% to move to the next card.


Wednesday:  Reviewed the morning response question which was over reading.


Thursday:  SRA reading (Brown).  Students must score an 80% to move to the next card.


Friday:  MIRP, reading SRA (Brown).  MIRP—students will read for approximately 30 minutes and then they share with the teacher or another student what is happening in their book.  When MIRP activity is complete the students will continue work on their SRA.


December 7 through December 11


Monday:  MIRP


Tuesday: Finish up second Brown SRA, work on social studies brochure about the book they are trying to promote others to read.


Wednesday: Open Response Question in “SOCIAL STUDIES”


Thursday: MIRP (substitute)


Friday: Must have all Brown SRA’s completed.


December 14 through December 18


Monday:  MIRP




Wednesday: Open Response Question in “MATH”






Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!