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Matthew Baucum, Director of Bands




Dear Parents and Band Members:


          The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with the requirements, grading procedures, policies and expectations associated with the band program at East Hardin Middle School.  The guidelines in this booklet are ones that are necessary and essential to a successful band program.  It is expected that each parent will take the time to read and discuss this guide with your student(s).  By carefully reading the entire manual, you will avoid any conflicts or problems that may arise in regards to the rules and polices stated in this booklet.


Please sign the agreement form at the back of the band guide and return it by Friday, August 11, 2006.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mr. Baucum at 369-7370.  I am looking forward to your active participation in our organization.  Working together we can make this a great year!


If at any time you feel a conference is needed on the progress of your child, please feel free to contact me for an appointment.  All of us at EHMS want each student to develop to the height of his/her potential!


Please check our band website WEEKLY for important announcements and updates.  The band website can be located at the following address:





Matthew Baucum

Director of Bands

East Hardin Middle School




          It is the intent of East Hardin Middle School to offer each student the opportunity to participate in a well-rounded instrumental music program.  Band will be a course designed to teach the students individual skills of instrumental music performance through group instruction.  A variety of musical styles, historical information, and music theory concepts will be introduced throughout the year.  Instruction will take place during the regular school day.  Additionally, some rehearsals and performances will be necessary after school, at night, and on weekends.




A)  Individual Playing Skills


          Throughout each grading period students will be assessed through weekly playing tests to determine individual progress on their instrument.  Playing test grades will be determined by the following criteria:  pitch and rhythmic accuracy, tone quality, musicality, correct posture and recovery from error.  Material for these tests will come from prepared exercises and musical excerpts and scales.  Tests will be performed in a classroom setting every Friday (unless school is not in session, then tests may be performed on either Thursday or Monday).  Students will be allowed to retake any test, that is not at an “A” grade level.  However, these tests must be retaken BEFORE the nine weeks grading period has been completed.


B) Participation


          Each student will be given a weekly participation grade.  This grade will be based on preparation for class, cooperation, attention to instruction and participation in class activities.  Students are expected to attend class each day fully prepared.  This includes having their instrument, book, music, instrument supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc.) and a pencil.


          Each student will begin each week with twenty-five (25) participation points.  If any of the areas listed above are deficient, the student’s grade will be reduced as necessary.  Some reasons for deductions are:

·        No instrument, book, music, or pencil in class.

·        Not seated and ready to play when class begins.

·        Inattention to instruction or discussion.

·        Disrespect towards other students or instructors.


C) Performance Assessments (Concerts)


          Each student is required to attend after school performances during the school year.  There are three band performances each year, one in the fall and two during the spring.  Students will be given a grade of 200 points for attending the performance and completing their requirements.  Students who miss a performance with an UNEXCUSED absence will receive a grade of ZERO for that assessment. 




          Attendance for ALL REHEARSALS and ALL PERFORMANCES is absolutely required.  An excused absence from a performance will only be granted in the case of a family emergency or serious illness.  If a performance must be missed, notice must be given PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE.  If a student wishes to make up the 200 points for a missed performance (with an unexcused absence) the director will assign the student an alternate assignment consisting of four 50 point tasks.  This assignment will be due by the end of the 9 week grading period.




          As part of our performance preparation, after school rehearsals are sometimes necessary.  Students will be given a schedule of these extra rehearsals near the beginning of each semester in time to allow for their schedule preparation.  Due to the importance of each student’s attendance at these rehearsals, we ask that doctor’s appointments and shopping trips be scheduled around these events.


          All members are expected to attend these rehearsals except in the event of an emergency, an illness, or if the director has given consent PRIOR to the rehearsal.  To receive an excused absence from a rehearsal, students are required to provide written notice, SIGNED BY A PARENT, explaining the reason for the absence BEFORE missing the rehearsal.








The following are acceptable reasons to miss a performance or rehearsal:


A)   Illness.  If a student is absent from school or leaves school due to illness, he/she will receive an excused absence.

B)   Emergency.  In the event of a death or serious illness in the family, a student will receive an excused absence.




          Attendance at performances is required.  Performances are a very important aspect of the musical experience our program offers its students.  They are the culmination of many hours of rehearsal both in and out of the classroom.  Each student plays an important role in the performance of the group.  The students will have rehearsed together for each performance, and missing students will negatively impact the group performance.  Any absence hurts the entire group and is unfair to other students.


If a student must miss a performance the director must be given notice PRIOR to the scheduled performance.  Granting an excused absence from a performance is at the discretion of the director.  Students who miss a performance with an UNEXCUSED absence will receive a grade of ZERO for that Performance.  Performances count for a total of 200 points.




          Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sports and other activities.  Being involved in band or music will not interfere with sports or any other activity.  If a conflict occurs, Mr. Baucum, the student, and the other teacher (or coach) will get together and resolve the situation in the best interests of the student and the programs.  I have never had a problem that could not be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction!!!


If the conflicting activity is NOT school-related, I ask that students split the practice in conflict equally with band and the other activity.  A performance or game in one activity is always more important than a practice in the other activity.




          It is important that the members of the East Hardin Middle School Bands exhibit uniformity and professionalism while on the performance stage.  The concert dress guidelines are as follows:




·        White blouse with long sleeves (no short sleeved or sleeveless shirts allowed)

·        Black dress slacks or skirt (SKIRT MUST BE KNEE LENGTH OR LONGER WHEN SEATED)

·        Black socks or hose

·        Black shoes (no athletic shoes please)




·        White dress shirt with long sleeves (no short sleeves, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.)

·        Black dress pants (no denim or cargo pants please)

·        Black socks

·        Black dress shoes (no athletic shoes please)


Concert dress is required and will be worn for all performances and band pictures.




·       You should strive to look your best.

·       In consideration of others, please use deodorant.

·       Make-up must be limited and in good taste.  None in the neck area.

·       No watches or large jewelry should be worn while in uniform.  SMALL earrings for those with pierced ears are permissible.


·        Respect is expected at all times.  This should be reflected in language and actions.

Students will observe all rules and regulations as set down by the directors and chaperones.  Chaperones are an extension of the directors and should be shown the proper respect and cooperation.


When traveling to an out-of-town event, students will travel TO the event with the band.  They may return home with parents IF THE PARENT PERSONALLY CHECKS THE STUDENT OUT WITH THE BAND DIRECTOR at the event.




Jazz Band is an ensemble that meets after school and rehearses from one to two times a week.  The exact rehearsal times will be determined at the first meeting, held in December or January.  All 7th and 8th grade students are eligible, and encouraged, to participate in jazz band.  All instrument types will be allowed to be a part of this group.  This may also be an excellent opportunity for some students to learn a second instrument to perform in the ensemble.


The jazz band will perform at the end of the 2nd semester.  If possible, the jazz band will also complete a performance tour at each of the elementary schools sometime near the end of the school year.


Since the jazz band only rehearses one to two times a week, attendance at each rehearsal is absolutely necessary.  If a student has three (3) unexcused absences from jazz band rehearsals that student will be dismissed from the ensemble.




Students are encouraged to participate in other band activities outside of the classroom.  Students may participate in the following activities outside of the school day:


Ø     All-District Band

Ø     Quad-State Honor Band

Ø     Solo & Ensemble Festival


  All 7th & 8th grade band students have the opportunity to audition for the 4th District All-District Band.  Those students interested in this opportunity will prepare selected audition music and scales.  The directors will be available to help the students prepare their audition before and after school.  Students who are accepted into this group will gather with our districts’ finest middle school musicians and perform a concert after two days of rehearsal. This is a very big honor for a band student.  Parents, we would love for you to encourage your students to attain this goal!


Quad-State Honor Band is for 8th grade band students only.  Students are selected for this honor band festival according to director recommendations and the need for specific instruments.  This is an overnight trip to Murray State University, and a valuable learning experience for the students.  More info on this will be available in the next few weeks.


Solo & Ensemble Festival is another great experience for our musicians.  Students will prepare a musical solo or ensemble (two or more students) to be played for a judge.  Those students who perform well will receive a DISTINGUISHED rating and will receive an Olympic style medal for this achievement.  This can be a very fun and rewarding experience for the band student.  Participation is highly encouraged!




·        Treat each teacher and student in the room with respect.

·        Raise your hand to ask permission to leave your seat.

·        Use the restroom ON YOUR WAY to the band room, DO NOT ask for permission to go to the rest room during class.  (If you have a medical condition that requires you to use the restroom often, please bring a note SIGNED BY A PARENT explaining your situation.)

·        Be a responsible and contributing member of the EAST HARDIN MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND.

·        Come to class prepared with a positive attitude, instrument, book, pencil and all accessories necessary to play your instrument.

·        Be seated approximately 3 minutes after the tardy bell rings.

·        Practice at home so that you make a positive contribution to the group.

·        Take care of our equipment and help maintain a neat and clean band room.

·        Attend all rehearsals, performances, and band activities.

·        ABSOLUTELY NO CANDY, GUM, FOOD OR DRINK in the band room!!



Please sign and return this form only by August 11th

(Please keep the band guide stored somewhere safely at your home for future reference)


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As a member of the East Hardin Middle School Band, I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules, policies and procedures described in the band guide.


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