chris bauer

 Hardin County Schools Superintendent Teresa Morgan has asked Chris Bauer, the HCS Director of Human Resources, to serve as the new HCS Chief Support Officer. 

“Chris will do a tremendous job in this role,” HCS Superintendent Teresa Morgan said.  “He is truly dedicated to the students and staff of Hardin County Schools.  He is respected by the staff and has a natural rapport with students.  He has a variety of experiences as an administrator.  He knows how to manage conflict, meet deadlines and bring resolution.  Chris always responds to everyone with respect, class and professionalism.”

The Chief Support Officer provides leadership for the district’s human resources and student services departments.  The position is formerly known as Deputy Superintendent/Chief Student and Staff Support Officer.  The Hardin County Board of Education approved the position title change in April, 2018.  The position was created in May, 2016 when the Board merged the positions of Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Associate Superintendent of Student Services into one position. 

As Director of Human Resources, Bauer provided support in district personnel initiatives and generated reports required by agencies such as the Kentucky Department of Education and the Educational Professional Standards Board.  He also lead in the district’s talent recruitment efforts. 

“I am thankful to work with wonderful people that put students first with every task,” Bauer said.  “We must give students the most fruitful opportunities possible.  To do that, we must leave no stone unturned in finding ways for students to achieve success and we must ensure that we have the right staff members in the right places.  I’ve been fortunate to be shaped by students, teachers and mentors throughout my career.  These individuals and the experiences I’ve had will help guide me in this position.”

“He proven has over and over again what an asset he is to Hardin County Schools,” Morgan added.  “He has recruited amazing staff members to the district and he does a magnificent job of showcasing their talents.” 

Bauer started his career in 1994 at Central Hardin High School as a Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Teacher.  He became an Assistant Principal at CHHS in 2007 and continued in that role until the North Middle School Site-Based Decision Making Council asked him to be its principal in 2014.  He also served CHHS as its Head Football Coach and Athletics Director during his time there.  He became HCS Director of Human Resources in 2016. 

He is a 1988 West Hardin High School graduate.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1992 and his Master of Arts degree in 1994 from the University of Louisville.  He has various educational certifications from Western Kentucky University. 

He will replace Deputy Superintendent/Chief Student and Staff Support Officer Chris Reed.  He is retiring at the end of this month.  Bauer will begin his new duties August 1, 2018.

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