first day of school for k-12 students

Hardin County Schools students will return to the classroom Thursday, August 10, 2017.  Preschool students return on August 23.

Student safety is important to every member of the HCS family.  The transportation the district provides for its students plays a key role. 

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding student safety, bus safety and the first few days of school. 

Q:  What can our community do to support students returning to school?

A:  Please be aware of school zones.  Drivers need to take note of the bus routes and school zones along their way to and from work as we approach the first day of school.  Students could be walking to a bus stop or to or from school from any direction.

Q:  Are the first few days of school different than the rest of the year?

A:  Yes!  Drivers and students are still trying to familiarize themselves with one another and the routes that will take them to school.

Q:  How do I know which bus picks my child up in the morning and drops them back off in the afternoon?  How do I know what time the bus will arrive in the mornings and what time it will arrive back at my home in the afternoon?

A:  Seek assistance from the student transportation department’s representative at your school’s open house or CLICK HERE.

Q:  Are pickup and delivery times going to be exact the first day of school?

A:  Probably.  However, there is a chance buses may be late on the first day as parents and students adjust to getting up early and being ready to board the bus.  We strongly encourage parents to let their children ride the bus the first day.  It acclimates them to the bus and allows us to adjust our routes due to overcrowding and time.

Q:  Will school dismiss at normal time on the first day of school?

A:  All elementary schools (with the exception of Lakewood Elementary School) WILL RELEASE ONE HOUR EARLY on the first day of school, Thursday, August 10.  All middle and high schools will release at the normal time.


Q:  Are there objects that are not allowed on the school bus?

A:  Glass objects, balloons, oversized bags, food and drinks are not allowed.  If the weather is hot, we will allow students to bring water in plastic containers. 

Q:  What are some bus stop expectations?

A:  We ask that parents talk to their children about not crossing in front of a bus while loading or unloading until they are motioned by the driver, notifying them that it is safe to cross.   We also encourage parents to have students at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to bus arrival time.  We ask that students not participate in horseplay or running at the bus stop. 

Q:  What are some other issues that could cause a change in bus routine?

A:  Changes in times of daylight and weather are just a couple.  There is more light outside when we start the school year, but as the year progresses, natural light comes later in the mornings. Please remind children to stand back from the road and wait for the bus to stop with safety lights deployed before getting on or off the bus.  With younger students, we advise parents to go to bus stop in morning and also be there in the afternoon.

Q: What happens when inclement weather arrives in the area when the bus arrives in the morning or afternoon?

A:  Parents should consider acquiring a small fold up umbrella and place in their child’s book bag.  A fold-up rain jacket or poncho would also be appropriate.

“Keeping students safe is our top priority,” Superintendent Teresa Morgan said.  “Following these suggestions from our transportation department will help in getting everyone to and from school in a safe way.  We are looking forward to a wonderful school year.  We will truly have one if everyone stays safe and is attentive to their surroundings."

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