Freshman members of the Kentucky General Assembly (Those Elected in 2016)


Bentley, Danny (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Blanton, John (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Brown, Larry (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Castlen, Matt (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Elliott, Daniel (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Fleming, Ken (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Fugate, Chris (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Hart, Mark (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Herald, Toby (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Johnson, Dan (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Johnson, DJ (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

McCoy, Chad (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Mills, Robby (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Morgan, Wesley (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Moser, Kimberly (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Nemes, Jason (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Petrie, Jason (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Pratt, Phillip (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Prunty, Melinda (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Reed, Brandon (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Riley, Steve (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Rothenburger, Rob (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Thomas, Walker (State Rep.) (LRC) <>;

Wells, Scott (State Rep.) (LRC)