Gifted & Talented

Hardin County Schools provides instructional support programs to assist schools in determining appropriate services for students identified as gifted and talented.  These services are provided during the school day, with some extra-curricular offerings outside regular school hours. 

Primary Talent Pool (grades K-3) -- PTP provides services for primary students who demonstrate the potential for giftedness.  These students typically learn at a faster pace or more complex level.  We provide differentiated learning services to help fully develop each child's potential.  A student may be identified for PTP at any time during his/her primary years, but all PTP students must formally qualify for gifted services once they reach fourth grade.

Gifted and Talented (grades 4-12) -- Once a student reaches fourth grade, he/she must formally qualify for gifted and talented services.  For all areas of identification, a minimum of three qualifying pieces of evidence must be collected.  All evidence is presented to an identification committee to determine if a student is eligible for gifted and talented services.  Hardin County Schools provides multiple service options to address the unique needs of students eligible for services in one or more of the following areas:

  • General Intellectual
  • Specific Academic Apptitude (Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Creative or Divergent Thinking
  • Psychosocial or Leadership Skills
  • Visual or Performing Arts (Art, Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music)

For more information about Gifted and Talented services, please contact your child's school or by phone at 270-769-8805.


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