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     Our mission at West Hardin Middle School is to ensure that all of our students receive a quality education that prepares them to achieve all of their academic, career, and personal aspirations. Our staff, faculty, and administration believes it is critical to not only teach academic content, but to develop a positive relationship with each student and take a vested interest in their success as they grow academically. Though academic content is a central focus of the educational process at West Hardin, we also believe that teaching and instilling positive character development components into the learning process is critical to ensuring that our students are fully prepared to excel academically, professionally, and socially once they leave West Hardin.

    We also believe that our Laker families are a vital part of the educational process, and can contribute greatly to the overall success of our students at West Hardin. We have an open door policy, and welcome input from parents and other family members. We believe that when both families and schools work cooperatively to ensure student success, there is no limit to what our students and our school can achieve!


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