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Jeff Lowman - Principal

David Allen - Assistant Principal

Michelle Reynolds - Counselor

Jennifer Armes - Counselor


6th grade 

Matthew Varney - Math

Jodie Klein - Math, VEX

Chelsea Cimbanin - Reading

Stephanie Taylor - Reading

Steven Everage - Social Studies

Amelia Wathen - Social Studies

Heath Meyer - Science, Future City

Susan Ellis - Math 

Courtney Hazelip - Science

7th grade

Heath Meyer - Science, Future City

Courtney Hazelip - Math

Nicole Coogle - Math

Kayla Edlin - Math

Kayla Berg - Reading

Suzie Knoll - Reading

Cody Crim - Social Studies

Samantha Hardesty - Science, VEX

8th grade

Samantha Hardesty - Science - VEX

Susan Ellis - Math

Mandy Cassetty - Math

Ray Kennedy - Math

Connie Abell - Reading

Cameron Chaney - Reading

TeAndra Parker - Social Studies

Allie Cape - Science


Related Arts

Neal Gibbs - JLC

Brittany Ford - Band

Jessica Gunby - PE/Health

Susan Pfeiffer - Art


Derrick Bunnell

Kristy Carroll

Shaun Boykins

Stephanie Weakley

Tyler Schoenbaechler

Michelle Cook

Margaret Belfiore

Molly Gallagher 

Carla Rasheed

Sabrina Bazemore - assistant

Other Faculty

Shelly Haun - Library Media Specialist

Kathy Leonard - Library Assistant

Abigail Lentz - Gifted/Talented

Lisa Sturman - KSI

Andrea Sparkling - Instructional Assistant

Kelly Whitsell-CCC-SLP