Principal's Message


Greetings and WELCOME to our JAMES T. ALTON family! I say “family” because that’s what our community is to us. JTA is truly an AWESOME school and a follows a long standing tradition of PRIDE; thus our school motto: “Where PRIDE PROMOTES PERFORMANCE!” We have a beautiful campus with some new updates, and an EXCELLENT staff that works diligently to create positive and lasting relationships with students.

At Alton you will find that we work collaboratively to meet each and every student’s individual needs. Students are exposed to several different clubs throughout the school year in addition to our athletic programs. We emphasize character and Work Ethic standards on a regular basis and have recently adopted our three TROJAN CARE VIRTUES: Take care of yourself, Take care of each other, and Take care of this place. In addition, in 2016-17, JTA became the FIRST middle school in the NATION to become an “Energy Bus School” and we imbed these principles in all of our work in order to build and reinforce a positive school culture.

And finally, we don’t allow students to simply fall through the cracks! We expect our students to perform and that performance is based on GROWTH as an individual which is monitored three times a year.

I could go on and on about all the GREAT things at JTA but my space is limited! J So, if you’re out, stop by and see for yourself, give us a call, follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter for latest updates, or simply send us an email.

I look forward to working collaboratively with you during my time at James T. Alton!


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