School Supply List 2017-2018 School year

JTA Supply List

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School Supplies



NOTE:  This year JTA is piloting a pre-packaged school supply bag for purchase at Open House.  The cost will be $15.00.   We have ordered 300 pre-made bags and they will be sold first come, first serve.  The bags will include the following:


  • 3” binder (Black with clear insert on the

                         front and side of the binder)

  • 3 hole punched pencil pouch

  • 3 hole punched pocket folder

  • 1 set of divider tabs that can be written on

  • 2 pencils

  • 1 package of loose leaf paper


If you chose NOT to purchase the pre-made package, students will be responsible for purchasing each item on the list above.  


In addition, students will also need 6 composition books and a set of their own PERSONAL earbuds.  These items are NOT included in the pre-made package.  


Students will need to replenish the following items throughout the school year:

  • Loose leaf (hole punched) notebook paper

  • Pencils, eraser caps and Pens


Agendas are required for each student.  The school will provide EVERY student with their first agenda; however, if the agenda is lost, the replacement cost will be $5.00


Students will also need a JTA t-shirt.  It is important that every student have one for safety purposes during field trips as well as PRIDE DAYS, etc.  The cost of the shirt is $10.00


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our OPEN HOUSE on August 1st from 5:30 - 7:30


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