Hardin County Schools Early College and Career Center (EC3) Project Lead the Way instructor Jason Neagle may need an interior decorator. 

Assistance could be needed in organizing all of the VEX Robotics state, national and world championship banners that have been won by his EC3 students.  Seven teams from all three HCS high schools (Central Hardin High School, John Hardin High School and North Hardin High School) came away with an award and/or qualified for finals in their respective division at the 2017 VEX Robotics World Championships held last week at Louisville’s Freedom Hall.

Central Hardin’s 6135W and John Hardin’s 2886B formed an alliance with the Trojan Knights 6843Z (a team from Cumby, Texas) to win a world championship in the Research Division and finish third overall in world competition.

When his team qualified for the world finals, CHHS junior Andrew Schreacke said the choices for teams with which to align were pretty clear.  He and his teammates selected a team they had been competing against all season – JHHS 2886B.  The CHHS teams work daily with teams from John Hardin and North Hardin. 

"I knew the Trojan Knights team was awesome because we competed against them at the US OPEN finals two weeks ago,” Schreacke said.  “We won the event that day, however, they certainly left an impression.  We’ve been competing against and training with John Hardin’s 2886B all year.  We know that they are one of best VEX Robotics teams in the world.  That was an easy decision."

That three-team alliance won the Research Division Championship and competed in the “round-robin” style finals of the six division champions.  It finished the round-robin with a 3-2 record and narrowly missed going to the finals at the World Championships. 

Schreacke, 6135W team captain, had the second-highest driver-skills score at the World Championships.  His driver-skills score was combined with his programming-skills score and he finished 7th in the world. 

John Hardin’s 2886A team earned the Design Award in the Technology Division.  Mr. Neagle said the team set a goal to win this particular award after the 2016 VEX Robotics World Championships. 

“I can’t be more proud of all our EC3 VEX teams,” Neagle said.  “Their accomplishments are beyond their wildest dreams.  They have been dedicated all year to doing well at the World Championships.  They have literally put in countless hours – coming to EC3 before and after school and working at home – and have truly earned all of their hardware.  The new VEX Robotics game was released at the World Championships and our students are already excited to get started on solving this new engineering challenge.”

Nearly 600 teams from 40 countries competed at the World Championships. There are more than 16,000 VEX Robotics teams across the globe. 

Here are some other awards that HCS students brought home from the 2017 VEX Robotics World Championships:

  • CHHS 6135F – Teamwork Award, 24th in Robot Skills
  • CHHS 6135H – Semi-Finalist in the Science Division, 19th in Robot Skills
  • CHHS 6135K – Community Award and Technology Division Quarter-Finalist
  • CHHS 6135W – Inspire Award, Research Division Champions, 3rd in the World, 7th in Robot Skills and 2nd in overall Driver-Skills
  • JHHS 2886A – Design Award and Semi-Finalist in the Science Division, 30th in Robot Skills
  • JHHS 2886B – Think Award, Research Division Champions, 3rd in the World, 31st in Robot Skills
  • NHHS 4104A – Semi-Finalist in Science Division, 110th out of 564 in Robot Skills

Here are rosters of all of the HCS teams that competed at the VEX Robotics World Championships:

CHHS 6135F

Braden Bybee, Mayson Frasure, Taylor Smith & Gavin Vice

CHHS 6135H

David Bashaw, Sean Brady & Jaren Carman 

CHHS 6135K

Westin King, Robert Sego & Spencer Yates

CHHS 6135W

Andrew Schreake, Carter Hewitt, Theron Lowe & Cody Skelton

JHHS 2886A

Sean Hoernke, Keeley Slade, Shawn Steinemann & Matthew Vuleta

JHHS 2886B

Noah Bohannon, Chase Croley, Nathan Foullong, Dreyk Inman, Connor Lewis & Tyler Sweckard

NHHS 4104A

Evan Borzotra & Austin Wick

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