3rd Block Online Tasks

1. Digital Citizenship Videos

Click below to watch the FOUR Digital Citizenship videos; they are Vieos #1,#3,#6, and #11  

Students AND teachers must sign the sheet to verify that the videos hav been watched. 

Video Website:



Signature Sheet: Please print and send to LMC or put in my mailbox.




2. Title IX survey online



We are required by KHSAA to conduct this survey every few years.  Every student that takes the survey must use the same link above.  The same computer(s) can be used for multiple students (this can be changed at any time).  It should take less than 3 minutes per student.




 3. Take Name and Need survey (Google form)

- At Class Meetings, we encouraged students to think of that "one person' who they can count on, rely on, confide in, celebrate with, etc.  This adult can be anyone involved in our school (bus drives, cafe workers, teachers, custodians, LMC, YSC, admin, counselors, office staff, nurse - anyone)






  4. Nutrislice App

Give feedback on Nurtislice app   Students can rate foods and send feedback for any item on the menu.