School Compact

JHHS School Compact

2016 - 2017

In order to provide a successful educational environment for the students at John Hardin High School that prepares our students for postsecondary opportunities, the John Hardin High School Site Based Council, staff, parents and guardians, and students make the following compact pledges:


As a parent or guardian, I pledge to:

  • Maintain and promote high standards of academic excellence and positive behavior
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences and other school functions
  • Provide adequate supervision in order to ensure that my child is drug and alcohol free, rested, and able to perform academic tasks to the best of his or her ability
  • Create a homework friendly environment and have my child take advantage of after-school programs to assist him or her in learning as needed
  • Reinforce positive, non-violent behavior at home and at school
  • Encourage my child to follow the rules and regulations of the school and display respectful behavior toward staff and fellow students
  • Remain aware of my child’s credits completed toward earning his or her high school diploma
  • Initiate contact with the school to address any issues of concern


As a JHHS staff member, I pledge to:

  • Maintain high standards for academic excellence and positive behavior
  • Respect cultural, racial, and ethnic differences
  • Be flexible for parent-teacher conferences
  • Demonstrate a professional and positive attitude for teaching
  • Encourage parent involvement
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for extra academic assistance to students in need


As a JHHS student, I pledge to:

  • Attend school on a regular basis
  • Display respectful behavior toward school staff and fellow students
  • Respect cultural, racial, and ethnic differences
  • Participate positively in class and complete homework requirements with best effort
  • Take advantage of the after-school programs for academic assistance
  • Set post-secondary goals and plan accordingly
  • Be aware of academic credits earned toward graduation
  • Keep an open line of communication with parents and teachers.