Parent Involvement Policy


Parent Involvement Policy

A child’s first teacher is the parent.  Parent involvement and supervision remain essential to a student’s success at the high school level.  In order to build a strong partnership with parents, the John Hardin High School staff will pledge to do the following:


  • The principal and staff will host a Freshman Orientation for all incoming freshmen before school begins at which student expectations will be outlined, and parents will be able to ask questions and meet the freshmen teachers.
  • During the first trimester or upon student enrollment, the John Hardin High School Parent Involvement Policy, School Compact, and the Student Handbook will be distributed to parents.  Parent feedback and suggestions will be solicited.
  • The principal and staff will host an Open House for all students at which parents will be able to meet their student’s teachers and ask questions.
  • Parents will be invited to a variety of school and countywide activities that provide parents with the opportunity to meet staff, make suggestions, share experiences with other parents, receive materials and training assistance, celebrate student achievement, and prepare their child for postsecondary college or other specialized training, or work.
  • Parents will be informed about their child’s academic and behavioral progress while at John Hardin High School along with upcoming school events.  Midterm progress reports, report cards, emails, phone calls, the school webpage, and conferences will be some of the ongoing lines of communication between staff and parents.
  • Parents will receive school state test results and the opportunity to have results explained to them.
  • The counselors are available and can set up parent-teacher conferences as the need arises.



  • Parents will be made aware of the state requirements for volunteering.
  • Parents will be encouraged to volunteer at JHHS.
  • Parents will be solicited to serve on a variety of school and district committees as well as assist in activities to enhance students’ educational and extracurricular experiences.
  • Volunteers will be recognized and appreciated.



  • Parents will be given the opportunity to offer suggestions, give feedback, ask questions, and express concerns about their child’s overall school experience.