Password Setup

Network Password Essentials

At the beginning of each school year, ALL student network passwords are reset to the default password. P@ssw0rd (0=zero)

When creating your new password,.... 

✮ Begin with a capital letter
✮ Include a short number
✮ Use no less than 8 total characters and no more       than 12 total characters
✮ Do not include your first, middle, or last  name
✮ Do not repeat a previous password.

Correct    =  Acdc9393
Incorrect =  books62  (too short, no capital letter)
Incorrect =  Gojhhsbulldogs2016  (too long)
Incorrect = F&#*218(@#&33  (too many special characters, too long)

This is your password for logging onto the HCS network, school webmail, and your HCS Google Apps for Education account

Try NOT to forget your network password!  

CHANGE PASSWORD - Click here if you have a working password and you KNOW it, but you want to change it.

FORGOT MY PASSWORD -- See Ms. O'Daniel or Ms. Hodge for a password RESET in the LMC.