North Park Plan for the eclipse - Note home to parents August 15, 2017


August 15, 2017

Dear Parent or Guardian,                                                                                                        

A really exciting thing is happening on Monday, Aug. 21st - a solar eclipse! You have already received information from Hardin County Schools about the plan for schools, however we want to let you know what we are planning for Kindergarten students at North Park. We recognize this is a special event and an educational opportunity and due to the developmental level of our young students, we feel it will be prudent to take some extra precautions.


First, please know that you may come check your child out early that day if you wish to view the eclipse in full with your child or if you want your child to do something different than what we have planned. This will be counted as an excused tardy/absence. If you wish to sign out early, please come before 1:00 pm. That allows us to efficiently manage crowds at dismissal time. We do not have viewers available for parents/guardians to view the eclipse with their child and will only be going out for a few minutes, so coming to view it at school is not encouraged.


Here's how we are planning to watch it safely with your child:

Because our students are just learning procedures and routines it could be challenging for teachers to manage the entire class at once and ensure that all students are using the viewer. For this reason, teachers will be going out in very small groups with students for a short viewing, so they can effectively supervise the use of viewers. Meanwhile in the classroom, all students will be able to watch the event over live stream TV from NASA or local news channels.


In preparation, of viewing the eclipse, you and your student’s teacher may explain to your child that we shouldn't stare at the sun because it will damage our eyes. Also let them know that with the special viewer, we CAN look at the sun so we can see this awesome event. It may also be helpful to explain that he or she has to keep the viewer in front of his/her eyes because that's the only way to see the moon moving in front of the sun. Without the viewer, the sunlight is too bright and he or she won't be able to see anything and could possibly damage their eyes!


Please call Mrs. Brandenburg 270-351-4464 with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support in helping us nurture the potential in every student!

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