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What is the Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program?

 The Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program is a State funded program designed to help preschool children who are at risk of beginning school behind their classmates.  The program is for four-year-old children who are economically disadvantaged or for three- and four-year-old 
children who have identified disabilities or speech delays.

What services do the Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program 

Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program offers the following components:

  • Preschool services for eligible children at no cost to the parent
  • Activities that develop creativity and thinking skills through play
  • Partnerships with the parents through parent education
  • Cooperation among programs and with other agencies to provide services
  • Developmental, as well as hearing and vision screenings

 The mission of the Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program, a fully integrated, comprehensive program, is to enrich the lives of children and their families by supporting the child's development in the areas of physical, social, emotional and intellectual and by moving the child and family toward self-sufficiency and social competence.

North Park Preschool - 
There are currently nine preschool classrooms at North Park. We provide a morning session and afternoon session which is determined primarily by where students are transported to and from school.
We provide a rich, nurturing environment full of developmentally appropriate learning activities.

For more information please call our preschool office 270-769-8911 or North Park 270-351-4464.