Mrs. Hurt and staff present student with awards

Mrs. Hurt and staff presenting student with awards

News Enterprise, Elizabethtown, Nov. 15, 2016

Meadow View surprises students with 'care-a-van'

By Anna Taylor

Around 3 p.m. Monday, fifth-grader Kaitlyn Napier heard a knock on the front door of her Radcliff home. Unsure of who would be visiting, the Meadow View Elementary School student was surprised to see her principal, Althea Hurt, appear at the door just less than an hour after school dismissed.

Hurt held large, bright blue balloons and a group of six other people greeted Kaitlyn.

“Hi, Kaitlyn,” Hurt said. “This is the Meadow View ‘care-a-van.’ We are here to celebrate Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is a model Trojan at Meadow View. She’s always positive, prepared and productive so we wanted to come out and recognize her in the community.”

Hurt gave Kaitlyn a principal’s award and certificate, gift certificates from local restaurants and the balloons.

A selection of Meadow View teachers and administrators personally visited the homes of nine students Monday after school. The parents were told someone would be stopping by to drop something off, but did not explain what they were doing and that there would be a group.

“This is amazing,” Kaitlyn said. “I didn’t know and I was so surprised.”

Being a good leader and setting a good example is what Kaitlyn said she thought earned her the recognition.

Erika Tones, a fifth-grade teacher, said the purpose of the care-a-van was to reward students who have lived up to the school’s motto of being positive, prepared and productive.

care-a-van ready to deliver awards

“We don’t always get to go to the students’ homes and praise them in front of their parents or guardians or whoever they live with,” Tones said. “We wanted to really show them that we are invested in them, even after school hours.”

The students were nominated by staff members. They were asked to nominate a student and explain why they chose them based on the motto. At least one student in each grade was rewarded. Hurt said the school intends to do the “care-a-van” rewards at least once each quarter.

“We have 500-something kids at Meadow View and we have 500 that are always doing what they’re supposed to do and we want to make sure they’re recognized,” Hurt said.

Aaliyah Milton, a fourth-grader, was speechless when she saw the group at her front doorstep.

“I didn’t know,” she said. “I was just nice.”

Aaliyah’s teacher, Amber Ammons, nominated her.

“She’s in class every single day,” Ammons said. “When she’s there, she’s always trying to help either myself or other students. She’s one of our group leaders in class and I think she puts a little more effort into the day than some of the other ones do.”

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