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Meadow View Elementary School

2017/2018 SBDM Council

Althea Hurt – Chair/Principal

Erin Hester – Parent Representative

Laura Parker – Parent Representative

Corniesa Johnson – Teacher Representative

Angela Quillin – Teacher Representative

Erika Tones – Teacher Representative

Karen Spencer – Recording Secretary


Meeting Agenda

1. Opening Business

a. Roll Call

b. Agenda Approval

c. Approval of minutes from the last meeting

d. Good News Report

e. Public Comment

2. Student Achievement

3. Budget Report

4. Committee Report

5. Bylaw/Policy Review

6. Old Business

7. New Business

8. Upcoming Deadlines

9. Adjournment

2017/18 MVE SBDM Schedule Meetings:

                   August 30th 2017 (Postponed to Sept. 6)

                                                                     February 28th, 2018

                   September 27th 2017                  March 28th, 2018

                   October 25th, 2017                      April 25th, 2018

                   November 29th, 2017                  May 28th, 2018

                   December NO MEETING           June NO MEETING

                   January 31st, 2018                      July 25th, 2018